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Getting ME Back

I haven't posted in what feels like forever. We are having a rough start to 2020! So far Chris got his wisdom teeth out + two root canals, I have a dental surgery scheduled for this month, and Nash has an upcoming surgery. Thankfully nothing is a serious matter, however, still a little nerve wracking and a lot going on. The good news is we have a Disney trip to look forward to in the midst of everything going on-- so yay for that!

Nash turned 9 months to kick off 2020 and I really cannot believe it. It also has me thinking about how it's been 9 months since I've been pregnant, and 9 months that I should have been working on my myself physically and mentally. But real talk-- what new mom has time to get to the gym, get to classes, meal prep etc. The past 9 months, I focused solely on motherhood-- learning and becoming the absolute best mom I can be to Nash. I have no regrets doing this-- but it's definitely caused me to put myself on the back burner.

If you know me or have followed me for a while, you know I haven’t opened back up Doucette Designs, I haven’t been active in my usual fitness classes, and I haven’t been able to wear any of my fun, wild outfits like I used to. After work & dance classes, the last thing I want to do is spend more time away from Nash... plus, motherhood also comes with many many many sleepless nights and I'm freakin' tired. Oh and in case you haven't noticed, I haven't lost my baby weight-- more real talk for ya.

So, you know that super annoying Beachbody/Shakeology cult? Well, I've joined that-- and guess what I freakin' LOVE IT!! Definitely goes to show that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. In fact, I used to say cult... now I say COMMUNITY! After saying no at least a dozen times, I finally gave in and said yes. Their new Barre Blend program is 100% ME and I'm so grateful to be moving my body again. The fact that I workout anywhere at anytime when I can find 30 minutes is amazing for my crazy schedule. Also, Nash loves when mommy uses him as a human weight-- he thinks it's hilarious actually.

I used to run for the hills when someone mentioned they were a Beachbody coach because I didn't want them up my butt trying to sell me stuff, but I totally have a different view of Beachbody now. Although I'm not currently drinking Shakeology, (because I have a slight allergy to flax seed) I am using their energize and recover performance powders and they are a HUGE game changer— I get so much more out of my workouts using them & I‘m generally just so much more productive throughout the day— kinda obsessed (Okay, like really really obsessed!). I have to admit, I'm feeling a little FOMO about not being able to have Shakeology after learning so much about the product... but I'll figure out an alternative.

I owe a shout out to Krista, who kept asking me to join her despite how many times I said no, or gave her excuses... Just a little back story: I met Krista through Instagram about a year and a half ago. She somehow found me through something I posted of early pregnancy loss, and she was newly pregnant with her rainbow baby. We would chit chat through DM sometimes, and I would occasionally follow her stories on her Beachbody coach journey. Her team was just ranked 66 of 20,000+ teams-- so needless to say, she's a badass coach + badass mom of two girls. Very grateful for her encouragement on this new coaching journey she's wrangled me into. She's a wonderful mentor, and I'm so excited to be part of her team!

So, lots of things happening so far in 2020-- I'm taking time to work on myself, going out of my comfort zone with this whole Beachbody thing, and as a family-- we're checking all the dental/medical things off the list!

This was kind of a weird life update post because I haven't posted in so long-- But as far as the blog goes-- stay tuned for more updates on our March Disney trip & lots of fun photoshoots coming up with my little model babe!

See ya real soon! (For real this time!)

xo Courtney

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