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Little Boys Should Never Be Sent To Bed

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

"Little boys should never be sent to bed, they always wake up a day older." - Peter Pan

Today I'm sharing Nash's Peter Pan nursery! I've been wanting to share this for so long! I mentioned in a previous post that while little girls were dreaming of the perfect wedding, I was dreaming of the perfect nursery. I could not wait to design a baby nursery and Nash's nursery turned out perfect, just the way I had dreamed it would.

I had two concrete nursery themes going into pregnancy. For a girl, I would do a vintage Disney World theme (very 1970's-- I bought some vintage Disney decor on eBay, and I'm saving it in case I do have a girl someday). For a boy, it would be Peter Pan. Peter Pan was always one of my favorite stories. For as long as I can remember my favorite phrase has been "faith, trust & pixie dust." I've always loved the concept of a magical place where you never have to grow up and that pixie dust & happy thoughts could make you fly. Once I found out our little love was a boy, I started planning and buying all the things!

Rather than focus on the actual character of Peter Pan or characters from the story, I wanted the room to be a loose representation of the entire concept of the story, while also incorporating the beloved Mickey Mouse (because we all know he's my favorite)! The idea of mixing some Mickey & other Disney into the overall Peter Pan theme came from influencer @vandifair and her daughter Everly's nursery.

I did not have a baby shower. It is a long standing Italian tradition on my mom's side of the family to not celebrate the baby before it's born. But that really didn't stop family and friends from buying everything we needed/wanted-- we are very grateful! That being said, because my mom didn't give me a shower, she offered to buy Nash's bedroom furniture. The furniture is Pottery Barn Kids Graham collection. I am absolutely in love with this furniture-- the color, the style, everything! It has a very masculine, clean look, which will be great to grow with Nash as he gets older (we did purchase conversion kit). Tip: We got it right after Christmas on a great holiday sale. They also give you a discount when opening a registry. I recommend physically going into your nearest PB Kids store and having a sales associate help you order, set up a registry and let you know the best deals going on. If we had gone ahead and just purchased online we would have spent much more money.

Our rocker is also from PB Kids. The rocker was a very tough decision for me. I guess I didn't realize how expensive they are! I knew I didn't want a glider, I wanted an actual rocking chair, and you'd be surprised that a lot of places do not have them in store to try. The two contenders I had were from Buy Buy Baby and Wayfair, then one night my mom called me to tell me she had just gotten an email for a sale on Pottery Barn Kid's rockers and gliders in select fabrics and styles. I wasn't sure if I'd like it or if it was going to be the right color, because the sale colors were limited. Nevertheless, I took a chance, and it was definitely the right choice, I love it! Our tribal pouf is from Wayfair and it was actually one of the very first nursery items I purchased.

Speaking of tribal... fun fact-- through genealogy, Chris found out he has a percentage of Native American heritage (Micmacs from Nova Scotia), so I thought it would be fun to pay homage to that and add a bit of tribal decor, which also represents the Indians in Peter Pan. You'll find bits of tribal decor everywhere in his room.

Nash's tribal personalized arrow sheets, blanket and changing bad cover are from Carousel Designs. They have so many options for colors, designs, and customization. I love their site and an added bonus-- they almost always have a discount code running! We also have the Disney Baby Boho Mickey Ears crib sheets as well. I'm obsessed with this design because not only do the colors match his nursery decor perfect, but they're covered in the cutest, hidden mickey ears! I LOVE subtle Disney-- adding a touch a magic without being too loud and crazy.

Also contributing to the tribal theme, Nash has a tee pee in his room. This is the perfect house for all the plush toys and stuffed animals we have acquired! What is it with kids and stuffed animals? Every kid has a huge collection! Tip: Our tee pee is pretty big, which will be great when he's older and can actually play in it. But for now, where it's more for decor and a home for his stuffed animals, I brought the two back legs together in pushed them into the corner of the wall, so the tee pee stands like a tripod instead of on its original 4 legs. It takes up much less space this way. Also, the chunky knit blanket lining the bottom of the tee pee-- I made that. I will link the video tutorial I used here and the yarn I used from Michael's. Behind the tee pee we have two gifts from family-- the gorgeous ''Peter Pan's Never Land'' Gallery Wrapped Canvas by Thomas Kinkade Studios and a personalized sign with all on Nash's birth credentials on it.

Everyone puts a shelf in their nursery right? I feel like every Pinterest nursery has shelves somewhere. My dream shelf was the industrial pipe and rope shelf from RH Baby & Kids, however that came with a hefty price tag. I had a gift card to Pottery Barn, so I decided to search their shelf options... and I found the Birch Shelf. It was positively beautiful & significantly cheaper. I'm extremely happy with this choice!

Shelf decor: Where the top shelf is up rather high, I just put some cute little plush mickey's up there (from Mickey 90 merchandise collection). The second shelf is my favorite! I found some beautiful vintage books on eBay -- Peter Pan, Jungle Book I & II, and a vintage Winnie the Pooh book from an antique shop in Portsmouth, NH. (Check out the close up photo to see the message written inside one of the vintage books.) My bestie, Alyssa bought Nash the adorable Peter Pan hat that sits atop of the books. Lastly, The bottom shelf is home to a Neverland map, that I printed on Shutterfly and framed and the cutest Mickey Mouse snow globe that our niece found and had engraved with Nash's name and birth year.

I knew I wanted a gallery wall over his changing table, but man those are difficult to map out and hang! I realized I'm not very good at putting gallery walls together. haha! Anyway, Chris' late grandfather was a very talented wood carver. Both the Indian head and the panther are pieces he did years ago (the panther one says to Christopher from Grampy on the back-- so sweet!). The Neverland quote & map signs were a gift and turned out to be such a great addition! The Peter Pan sketch was also a gift, and is from the art gallery in Epcot. The arrow I found on Hobby Lobby arrived much larger and heavier than I thought it was going to be, but it still worked out. Lastly, the banner sign and the mini pin board-- these were both little DIY projects I did. Nash's Disney pin collection is already growing, so we're going to need a larger pin board soon... or maybe I'll start pinning them to his tee pee... [thinking out loud]

Speaking of DIY... One of my absolutely favorite DIY projects is Nash's lamp. If you know the story of Peter Pan, you know that Wendy gives Peter a thimble and tells him it's a kiss. Well, my original idea was to have jar of thimbles labeled kisses to display on the shelf. Later, I found a mason jar lamp adapter on Amazon, which was clearly a much cooler idea. I wanted vintage thimbles, so of course I searched high and low on ebay. Vintage thimbles can be very pricey -- who knew?! I was telling my MIL about this idea and she sprung it on me that both she and Chris' grandmother used to collect thimbles and I was welcome to look through their collections and take what I wanted. That was a fun night-- sitting around the kitchen table with Chris, his mom, his niece and my mom-- there were thimbles from EVERYWHERE! We chose thimbles that symbolized places we've traveled to together like Hawaii and things we love like Disney! (you betcha they had vintage Walt Disney World thimbles!) As you can see from photos, the lamp turned out absolutely adorable and of course has sentimental meaning too.

Okay, back to wall decor! The sign over Nash's crib is from Taproot & Co. on Etsy. The seller was great to work with, they have many different font & color options, and it's super lightweight for hanging over a crib. The recreation vintage Peter Pan movie poster was yet another eBay find ($6! amazing!) and it's just everything I wanted for his room in one item-- vintage (looking), Peter Pan & Disney! Last, but certainly not least. The directional arrow sign! I could have DIY'd this, but I was pregnant and exhausted-- so I ordered it on Etsy instead. This is one of the first things that pops up when you Pinterest "Peter Pan nursery decor," so it was very easy to find. The signs all came as individuals and we cut and stained the post. Chris and my dad secured the post to the wall, and I arranged & attached the directional signs with command strips. (pretty much everything is hung with command strips-- I love those things!)

Wow, this post is taking me much longer than I anticipated! I didn't realize how many details were in his room until now! I haven't mentioned the rug yet. This was hands down the most difficult decision for me. I searched high and low for a rug. They were all either the wrong size, or yucky, rough material. But I love the one we ended up getting, it's ridiculously soft and silky. I'm actually thinking of purchasing another one for our master bedroom. They sell the rug everywhere-- Home Depot, Wayfair, Overstock, Amazon, and probably other retailers, but I found Amazon to be the cheapest for the size we needed.

Well, I think I hit every aspect of Nash's Nursery. Please enjoy these pictures of our cozy, happy space! I tried to document everything in my pictures and link everything as I wrote, but if there's something I missed or you have any questions about where something is from, I'm happy to answer! In the meantime, I'll be sitting with my feet up, rocking & singing to my little love (we do this alot!)

See ya real soon!



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