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My Favorite Baby/Toddler Travel Gear

Well, it's been over a year since my last post. 2020 was a weird year, so here I am in 2021 ready to pick back up where I left off.

We just returned from yet another Walt Disney World trip. This time with two babies in tow (and in a pandemic). That means double of EVERYTHING! Double stroller, two car seats, two babies to pack for, etc. I'm actually pretty proud of how organized I packed everything & how travelling with two under two turned out for us. Below I'm going to share 10 items that I found super helpful for traveling to Walt Disney World with our babies.

1. Jeep Destination Ultralight Side x Side Double Stroller by Delta Children // 2. VolkGo Premium Quality Durable Stroller Bag for Airplane // 3. Doona Car Seat & Stroller // 4. Disney Baby Ultimate Padded Backpack Car Seat Travel Bag by J.L. Childress // 5. Universal Size Side by Side Stroller Weather Shield // 6. Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car Seat // 7. Random Brand Stroller Organizer // 8. J.L. Childress Disney Baby Cups 'N Cargo Universal Stroller Organizer // 9. Ergobaby Carrier, Omni 360 // 10. BraveJustice Collapsible Snack Cup //

1. Jeep Destination Ultralight Side x Side Double Stroller by Delta Children // This was my absolute favorite purchase for the trip. It was a last minute impulse purchase and it was worth every penny. Originally I planned on bringing my Uppababy Vista stroller with the rumble seat. Converting the Uppababy to a double isn't a complete pain in the booty, but it definitely has several moving parts, and requires the seats to be taken off and the use of adapters-- Not exactly travel friendly. The Jeep double stroller was insanely easy to fold & unfold, fits through standard doorways, always had plenty of storage, super easy to push, strong sturdy wheels, independently reclining seats & footrests, and both babies had no problems getting comfy or napping in the stroller. Like I said, this was my absolute favorite purchase for the trip and I'm looking forward to using the stroller all spring & summer long!

2. VolkGo Premium Quality Durable Stroller Bag for Airplane // This is the bag I purchased to gate check our double stroller. The stroller fit perfectly with lots of extra room on top for overflow items or stroller accessories, and our stroller stayed in perfect condition through both flights coming and going.

3. Doona Car Seat & Stroller // We purchased the Doona when Nash was born after I had an emergency c-section and could not lift the car seat for a few weeks. It's served us well and we still love it with baby number two. It's made trips to Boston Children's a breeze not having to lug a large stroller into the city. We brought it to Disney in 2019 and now again in 2021. When we travel, we use it as a car seat and buckle it in without the base using just the seat belt. This was Hudson's car seat for the trip and also allowed us to have a second stroller option for Hudson if we left him behind with the grandparents for the day.

4. Disney Baby Ultimate Padded Backpack Car Seat Travel Bag by J.L. Childress // Travelling with two car seats, we were in the market for a second car seat bag. The one we have is nice & big, but not padded. This bag is padded, and comes with a packing cube to pack more stuff in with the car seat. I felt super confident checking my car seat in this bag. We were also able to add extra items from an overweight suitcase in here. Highly recommend. One draw back was that it didn't fit our Doona. The doona had to go in the larger, unpadded bag. We put Nash's spare car seat in here.

5. Universal Size Side by Side Stroller Weather Shield // This fit our double side by side stroller perfectly and it was a necessity for our Animal Kingdom morning with scattered showers. We just threw it in the bottom of one of the car seat travel bags, so it didn't take up any packing space. I only brought this to the parks if the forecast predicted showers, I didn't carry it around everyday.

6. Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car Seat // We purchased this car seat for my in-laws to have on hand when they needed it or wanted to take Nash somewhere. Of course we have the Mickey one, but the seat comes in various colors and prints. It's insanely lightweight and has great reviews for safety and travel. It fit seamlessly in the J.L. Childress padded car seat bag with room to spare for packing overflow. Fits babies 5-40lbs and can be strapped in both rear and forward facing. I already plan on purchasing another one as a spare grandparent car seat for Hudson.

Stroller Organizers // I own an embarrassing amount of stroller organizers, but I purchases both of these and piggybacked them on the handle of my stroller and they were huge necessities in Disney also allowing me to pack a smaller diaper bag for the parks.

7. Random Brand Stroller Organizer // This one I kept on the outside (closest to me) -- It's super spacious with nice big, sturdy cup holders. My other ones all have crappy cup holders. It has a wipes compartment where I always keep my Kleenex germ wipes -- a must have with kids in Disney! Center flap compartment is where I kept pacifier wipes, babyganics hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and boogie wipes. I didn't keep anything in the front zipper, but if you wanted to keep wallet or money in there, it detaches into a wristlet to grab-and-go. I kept my cell phone in the front mesh pocket. It also has a roll-down large mesh compartment for larger items, I didn't use this because I had the 2nd stroller organizer behind this one.

8. J.L. Childress Disney Baby Cups 'N Cargo Universal Stroller Organizer // This is a much flatter, less bulky stroller organizer, but here is why I loved it. Like I said, I piggy backed this one behind the big one. Nash's lovey is his toddler pillow, which we brought to the park on long days or late nights-- it fit perfectly and flat in the center mesh compartment. I also kept the boys hats in there. We always brought baseball caps to the park for the boys to keep their faces out of the sun. The center zipper compartment is where I kept Nash's glasses when he wasn't wearing them. That was their official spot for the entire trip, even in the hotel room-- so if they weren't on his face, I always knew where they were. The outter zipper compartments (front and back) is where I kept Hudson's babyganics dish & bottle soap to wash his bottles in the park, disposables nipples for pre-made formula bottles and spare pacifiers for both kids.

Having two stroller organizers was great because I could store so much stuff with easy access rather than having to always dig for things in the diaper bag and under the stroller. I'll share a picture of what they looked like on the handle of the stroller.

9. Ergobaby Carrier, Omni 360 // Baby carrier is a must-- especially in Disney! This is the one we have and have used for two Disney trips. I have no complaints. Many attractions require you to park your stroller to wait in line and shows do not allow strollers in. Also, I felt like I could safely take Hudson on many different rides with him in the carrier opposed to him just sitting on one of our laps.

I sort of wish I had brought a hip carrier for Nash. At 23 months, he constantly wanted to be held while waiting in line. I have no experience using a hip carrier, so I can't say if it's worth the money or not, but I think I'll try one for our next trip.

10. BraveJustice Collapsible Snack Cup // Not really travel gear, but this snack cup was awesome for travel-- silicone, collapsible (anything that takes up less space is a must have!), has a cover, fits in cupholders. I actually put the handle of the snack cup through Nash's stroller handle and that's how he ate all of his snacks in the parks (crackers, goldfish, popcorn, etc.)

I'm also going to link few more things that I think are totally necessary. First, disposable changing pads -- I usually use one throughout the day (unless there's a big mess) and throw it away at the end of the day. Next, the packing cubes I used for our family-- I got each of us a different color to keep everyone's stuff organized from home, to suitcase, to hotel. Lastly, linking these multi-size pouches that I use for EVERYTHING. I use them at home to organize toys, toiletries, accessories, etc. and I used them for travel to organize diaper backpack, toiletries, magic bands, and so much more!

Hopefully this post helps guide you in what you think you might need travelling with a baby, toddler or both! Feel free to reach out if you have questions on any of the items I shared!

See ya real soon,


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